The 6809 Emulator

The Motorola 6809 was the most interesting 8-bit microprocessor ever. Alan DeKok used to have a very informative page about the subject, but this is no longer on his homepage. However an archived version can still be found here.

This is an unfinished. but working version of the 6809 assewmbler. simulator and software. It is released under the GPL It runs under several versions of Unix. Docs are in LaTeX format and in ASCII. The project is now maintained on GitHub by Johann Klasek and Jens Diemer.

You can download my 6809 emulator. It includes an emulator for a single board computer, a cross assembler and software to run on it (monitor, tiny basic and Forth. Scott L. Baker added Intel HEX file support to the assembler. This version you can download here.

Recently I found floating point routines for the 6809 that I wrote back in 1996 and you can download them here.

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