A computer is no computer if it doesn't run Forth.

Forth is a stack-oriented language that was created by Charles Moore around 1970. You can find some information about it on the Taygeta Forth page and the Home Page of Anton Ertl.

Forth is not a joke, though I once wrote a fake interview with Charles Moore in which he confessed it was. By the way, the real WSOY radio station is located in Decatur IL. Even worse, WSOY is also the name of one of FInland's largest publishing companies. What's in a name? Like all three-letter and four-letter combinations WSOY also has to be the assembler mnemonic for some bizarre instruction on some bizarre machine.

I wrote two Forth versions for the ZX-Spectrum. Here you can read about it. The latest of these is preserved. You can now also download the file forth83_sinclair_zx_spectrum.tar.gz, which contains all files required to run it in a simulator plus the sources as text files. This is the original ZIP file. a forth_83.zip, which I posted in 1997. Both archives contain the user manual in Dutch, but I have an English translation now. Finally I have the annotated meta source. Marcos Cruz in Spain is even using the system and developing it further. See here.

My 6809 emulator includes Forth as well.

And finally here you can download SOD32, the emulator for a 32-bit Stack Oriented Design. This comes with its own Forth.

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