Weekly Coreboot Column

I this column I would like to discuss some aspects of Coreboot, the free software PC BIOS.

Basic block diagram

Nr Title Date
1 Before we had a ROM 2011-06-29
2 A brief history of the PC 2011-07-06
3 Two levels of bare-metal programming 2011-07-13
4 Getting started under QEMU. 2011-07-20
5 Introducing CBFS. 2011-07-20
6 RAM Initialization. 2011-08-03
7 The art of not locking yourself out. 2011-08-10
8 If one CPU is not enough. 2011-08-17
9 Configuring PCI. 2011-08-24
10 More on payloads. 2011-08-31

Related materials: the included digrams in XFIG source form , my presentation at T-DOSE 2011 (Open Office presentation) and in PDF.

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