Weekly Radio Spectrum Column

On this page I'd like to talk about radio. Every week I would like to prepare a column in which I describe a segment of the radio spectrum, a bit about the stations you can hear there, a bit about technology, a bit about history and a bit about plain silly trivia. This page shows the columns I have released. Where possible I'll talk about the situation world wide, but I am based in The Netherlands, so I will sometimes mention situations that are specific to this country.

Nr Title Range Decription Date Latest update
1 Below Longwave 0-150kHz Submarines, time stations and hams 2010-09-15 2016-05-10
2 Longwave up to mediumwave 150-530kHz Broadcasting, maritime and beacons. 2010-09-22 2016-05-10
3 Mediumwave broadcast band 530-1611kHz 90 years of broadcasting 2010-09-29 2016-05-10
4 Upper mediumwave 1611-3500kHz Fishermen, tropical bands, and 160m 2010-10-06 2016-05-10
5 Lower shortwave bands 3.5-5.8MHz 80m, 75m, 60m, and Shannon Volmet 2010-10-13 2016-05-10
6 From 49m to 31m 5.8-10MHz 40m and three of the busiest broadcast bands 2010-10-20 2016-05-10
7 From 25m to 19m 10-16MHz 20m and three more broadcast bands 2010-10-27 2016-05-10
8 From 16m to 13m 16-22MHz Only during daytime and solar maximum 2010-11-03 2016-05-10
9 Upper shortwave bands 22-30MHz 11m broadcast, CB and 10 ham band 2010-11-10 2016-05-10
10 Lowest VHF band 30-54Hz Cordless phones, 6m and sporadic E 2010-11-17 2016-05-10
11 Low VHF band 54-87.5MHz TV, FM, police 2010-11-24 2016-05-10
12 FM Broadbcast band 87.5-108MHz The most popular radio band. 2010-12-01 2016-05-10
13 Higher VHF band 108-174MHz Air band, 2m, and taxis 2010-12-08 2016-05-10
14 From VHF to UHF 174-400MHz TV, DAB and military air band. 2010-12-15 2016-05-10
15 Lower UHF band 400-860MHz 70cm, PMR, police and TV 2010-12-22 2016-05-10
16 Higher UHF band 860-3000MHz GSM, GPS and Wifi 2010-12-29 2016-05-10
17 SHF bands 3-30GHz Radar, satellite TV and microwave links./TD> 2011-01-05 2016-05-10
18 EHF and beyond 30-300GHz Beyond radio. 2011-01-12 2016-05-10
19 Internet radio Not applicable The future of broadcast radio? 2011-01-19 2016-05-10

As of 2016 I am adding some diagrams and making minor corrections and updates. The top of each page will have a diagram of the band discussed.